Design Services

Premium Power Services, LLC provides turnkey design services to the industrial, commercial and institutional markets. Our team of engineers and project managers provide expertise to all aspects of power system projects.

Each power system project should start with a review of the existing and future system requirements. Our ability to provide the necessary engineering studies, design documents, equipment procurement and on-site project management ensure our customers of a safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective project.

A partial list of completed and in process design/build projects are as follows:

  • Primary cable (15,000 volt) replacement project for a retirement community. Over three miles of duct bank for primary cable and communications.
  • 800 kW generator and automatic transfer switches to provide emergency power for a campus data center.
  • Convert a larger commercial building from a 480 volt service to a 34,400 volt service. The customer saved $35,000.00 in the first year as a result of General Service to High Tension utility rate conversion.
  • Primary service (13,200 volt) upgrade including dual services form the utility.
  • Upgrade 2000 kVA UPS system for a large medical file storage data center.
  • Replace 4,160 volt, generator paralleling switchgear for a large pharmaceutical research facility.
  • 500 kW generator and automatic transfer switches for a hospital.
  • Transformer replacement at a medical center.