With our high capacity mobile tank cleaning system Premium Power Services can perform the following:

  • Clean Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Remove Water & Sludge
  • Transfer Fuels Between Tanks
  • Recondition, Stabilize & Decontaminate a Variety of Fuels and Fluids

Premium Power Services, LLC offers customized planned service programs that meet our customers' needs and requirements. A planned service program allows you to detect potential problems before costly system failures occur.  At the completion of all field services, a report is provided detailing the scope of services.

Generator Fuel Polishing & Maintenance

Fuel Polishing is very fine filtration of diesel fuel to remove impurities of dirt and water. Premium Power Services fuel polishing services address an often neglected, but critical aspect of commercial generator maintenance. Standby generators are the most effective form of providing power in the event of utility outages, and while diesel engine powered generators provide superior performance, their fuel may remain unused for long periods in storage tanks, which can leave it susceptible to contamination like water intrusion, bacterial contamination, particulates and overall degradation. Diesel fuel has a limited shelf life – it can start to degrade in just six months, and be rendered useless after just 2 years. Fuel Polishing addresses all of these issues.

This is accomplished by pumping diesel fuel from a tank, through a series of filters, and back to the tank.  This circulation ideally happens by drawing fuel from one end of a tank, and returning fuel to the opposite side of the tank to avoid dead zones of unfiltered fuel.

Benefits of Fuel Polishing:

  • Improved system performance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Reduced wet stacking in diesel engines
  • Increased equipment life and reliability
  • Less down time